ROTA M-601

ROTA M-601

ROTA 601 is a concentrated formulation for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in the bathroom, sinks, floor and tiles, tap and shower.It has a pleasant fragrance with natural surfactants and is free from chlorine-based bleaches. It can be used on hard floors and granite to removes soap scum and hard water stains from taps, tiles, shower and toilet bowl. Bathroom cum sanitizer is the one stop solution to your bathroom/toilet floor cleaning issues. Its unique spontaneous effect helps clean hard stains on the bathroom/toilet floor. Dries quickly without leaving any residue. Its antibacterial properties leave the toilet virtually germ free. Cleans and deodorizes at the same time. The concentrated formula needs a low dosage.
•POC, VOC and phosphate free.
•Safe to use on all types of stone and tile bathroom floorings and metal. fittings, tap & shower.
•Anti-bacterial keeps your toilets 99.9% germ-free.
•Surface enhancer helps maintain the shine off the floor.
•Organic and safe formula.
•Safe and sustainable product.
•QAC. Based very effective a

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