ROTA M-MPC is a heavy-duty cleaner and disinfectant for both interior and exterior cleaning applications. Highly concentrated formula with excellent cleaning power at recommended dilutions. The product is free from SLS and other synthetic surfactants.pH of ROTA M-MPC is Neutral . Neutral formula is safe for all surfaces and will not pose any harm by exposure. ROTA M-MPC can clean and disinfect any heavy soiled floor area, engines, tires, wheels, bugs, boats, ships, hotels, hospitality, schools and health care segments. ROTA M-MPC is neutral and safe to use for the foam cleaning of carpet, upholstery and other furnishing materials by guarding the colours.
•Cleaner & Disinfectant concentrate works for both exterior and interior surface cleaning.
•Suitable for vinyl, cloth or carpet cleaning.
•Safe for use in a paint shop environment.
•Concentrated formula for economical use.
•A small amount of concentrate goes a long way.
•Approved to kill germs when diluted at recommended concentrations.
•Cuts through tough grease and grim.
•Provide long lasting freshness. Multiple options available.
•Can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces in the kitchen, bat

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