Wave Abaya shampoo liquid detergent for woollens and silks, will preserve the texture, colour and shine of your woollens and silks, keeping them snuggly warm and silky smooth. Protect your favourite clothes with special silk proteins and keep them in style forever.
•It is an expert range of fabric wash specially designed to take care of your special clothes
•It is formulated to take care of your special woollen clothes
•pH balanced formula and has no enzymes & no bleach that helps retain softness and lustre of woollens and keeps your precious hijab, silk and woollens looking newer for much longer.
•Special formulation prevents shrinkage of your silk and woollens and retains new like shine.
•Low foam technology which avoids over rinsing and prevents damage to the delicate fabric while keeping them soft for longer.
•Can be used for all kinds of hijab, night wears, sarees, woollen clothes like handknit sweaters, and cardigans etc.
•Extremely mild on delicate wools and fabrics

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