How it works

Using the Atlantic.Care platform, you can quickly and easily connect into a video meeting with your healthcare professional.

Step 1

Healthcare professional schedules an appointment

Step 2

Download and install the Atlantic.Care app on your mobile device

Step 3

Join the meeting on the date/time by using your meeting code

Testimonials from our fantastic clients

Our team has been using the Atlantic.Care platform over the last couple months. It has been incredible for facilitating secure video sessions with our clients.


Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare professionals can book appointments and send you email reminders using Atlantic.Care

Video Conferencing

Secure video conferencing between you and your healthcare professional

iOS & Android Apps

Download our iOS or Android App to easily connect via your mobile device

PIPEDA Compliant and Secure

Atlantic.Care is PIPEDA Compliant and adheres to Provincial privacy regulations for protecting and securing sensitive health information

Medical Information

Securely transfer your medical information and reports to your healthcare professional

Secure Messaging

Message confidentially with your healthcare professional

3 different ways to join your Meeting

Join via PC/Web

To join via the web on your PC/laptop: Ensure you have a webcam and are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Join via iOS/Apple

To join your meeting via an iOS device, download our app in advance of your meeting from the Apple store.

Join via Android

To join your meeting via an Android device, download our app in advance of your meeting from the Google Play store.

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